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copertina di Scott Mccloud (Girls against Boys)
13 luglio 2024, 21:30 @ Frida nel Parco | Parco della Montagnola

Scott Mccloud (Girls against Boys)

Summer solo show | Frida nel Parco

Frida Sugarhill | Underground music peepshow. In concerto Scott Mccloud (Girls against Boys) Summer solo show.

After gigs in Prague, Greece, and Ireland Scott McCloud brings his ‘Punk/Acoustic’ showcase shows to Italy for the first time. This is an evolving project. Raised in Washington, DC, his band Soulside was part of the Dischord Records scene of the mid-1980s (aka ‘Revolution Summer’) Moving to New York City, he formed a new band with his friends, Girls Against Boys (Touch & Go, Geffen) which played through the 90s and still active to this day. All of the bands are still active. These special shows are solo acoustic, include material from all of his bands, and also covers / interpretations of the punk and alternative music he grew up with: Bad Brains, Minor Threat, Rites of Spring, Government Issue, Rain, Fugazi, Joy Division, Killing Joke, Replacements, Husker Du, Misfits and also going back to Lou Reed, Iggy & The Stooges, Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen. You’ve never heard many of these songs in a format like this. A revelation of the vulnerability of punk, as well as the rebelliousness and dissonance. With stories, often humorous. Narratives. It is an evening of deep diving into punk roots, sharing stories, and hearing some classic alternative punk in a way you may never have before.

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