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copertina di Mark Cunningham (leader dei Mars)
26 maggio 2023, 20:30 @ Parco della Montagnola

Mark Cunningham (leader dei Mars)

Frida nel Parco 2023

Frida Sugarhill | Underground music peepshow. Mark Cunningham (leader dei Mars) solo live and visual. Dj set a cura di Alberto Simoni (Neu Radio). Dalle 20.30.

Solo show dal leader dei MARS uno dei gruppi più importanti del movimento No New York. Dj set a cura di Alberto Simoni (Neu Radio).

Mark Cunningham (New Jersey, 1952) started his musical career in the 1970's New York No Wave scene with one of its seminal groups, Mars, playing bass and guitar. In the '80s he started working with trumpet and electronics in the NY improv and art club scenes and since 1991 has been based in Barcelona. Along the way he has participated in countless collaborations with fellow travellers such as Arto Lindsay, Christian Marclay, Rudolph Grey, Etant Donnes, Genesis P.Orridge, Pascal Comelade, Pierre Bastien, Jakob Draminsky, Murcof, Philippe Petit and Lydia Lunch, as well as leading his own bands Don King, Raeo, Convolution, Bèstia Ferida and currently Blood Quartet SOLO SHOWS From the release of his first solo LP - Blood River Dusk - in 1997, until 2010 Mark appeared solo regularly with an evolving project called "Blood Mysteries", developing the atmosphere and themes of the album using a backdrop of layered trumpet delays and drones , with set design and visuals by Silvia Mestres. During this last decade he has focused on collaborations and shows with Blood Quartet, and now, following the release of his 2020 solo album - "Odd Songs" and an upcoming LP recorded during the lockdown - "Blue Mystery" he's returning to a more intimate live format based on the new material - solo trumpet, guitar, effects and samples accompanied by Silvia's lush video stories and dreamscapes. PRESS …like Herb Alpert waking up in a spaceship… When he improvises, alternating between long, sonorous proclamations and agitated tonguing and smears, Cunningham sounds close to Don Cherry… Wire 225 "Mark Cunningham uses the trumpet to caress the audience into a sonic landscape lush with heady atmospheres full of lusty intrigue. Seductively urges the listener to relax into a full body aural massage. Perfect music for mid summer's night dreams." Lydia Lunch "...his trumpet is exquisite, a tone that seems to combine 70's electric Miles Davis with the soundtrack from Kubrick's 2001, although what Cunningham actually does with that tone seems to be entirely his own invention."

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